WI 223/5 (90 ov, Joshua Da Silva 22*, Nkrumah Bonner 74*,

4.38 pm And that is stumps on the first day of this second Test. The fewest runs scored in a full day’s play at Mirpur, and that’s a good tribute to the discipline from the Bangladesh bowlers. Both teams have reasons to be satisfied with what has transpired. Bangladesh have somehow managed to keep pegging away with crucial wickets, while West Indies have put goether this 45-run partnership just when it seemed they had handed the initiative away to the hosts. That said, West Indies will reflect on each dismissal and say they could have avoided each of those with some more judicious shot selection. The wicket of Nkrumah Bonner on Day 2 could hold the key to how far the visitors can extend this innings of theirs. Make sure you join us then for Day 2. For the moment, goodbye from us here at ESPNcricinfo.

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